August 2016 Update

Here’s a quick update on our progress.

As I mentioned last month, Harvey Dam started working with us on July 20. He really hit the ground running and has been doing an amazing job.

We’re gearing up to participate in the Tech in Asia Tokyo conference next month. We’ll have a booth on one of the days, so if you’re there, stop by and say hi! TiA featured us yesterday in an article: 8 Japanese startups to follow at Tech in Asia Tokyo 2016. We’re not technically a Japanese startup, though John is based in Tokyo. Regardless, it was still really cool and unexpected to get featured like that!

We also moved into a new office last month. With a new office, new company structure, a new employee, and new titles (Ash is now CTO and John is CEO), we thought it was time for a new logo. Here it is:


We’ll be adding that to the site soon, along with some other updates.

Development on the dictionary is slightly behind schedule. We’ve nearly finished the 2000 character breakdowns for the initial release (earlier than planned), but the full entries for semantic components are lagging behind. The paperwork for setting up a branch office in Taipei has taken much longer than we expected, so we haven’t been able to hire any data entry staff yet. We’ll be hiring data entry staff as soon as we’re able to, and we’ll give an updated estimate for a release date once that team is up and running.

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch (!

John, Ash, and Harvey

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