Welcome, Nils!


We’re very pleased to announce that Nils Wieland will be interning at Outlier for the next several months. He’s our first intern and will be helping us translate the site into German as well as other miscellaneous things. Here’s a brief bio:

“Nils grew up near Stuttgart in the southwest of Germany, where he learned about China secondhand through literature and theater. His interest in the East Asia might have been sparked mostly by Hermann Hesse’s work and Jack Kerouac’s various Buddhist-focused novels. After graduating high school he went off to Hamburg to study philosophy, where he had to choose a minor as well. Scrolling through the lists of possible subjects, “Sinologie” caught his attention, mostly because he had no idea what it was. But upon reading the summary, he immediately knew he had to try it.

And while dissatisfied with his philosophy courses, his interest in all things Chinese grew and grew. So he changed his major to Sinology and fell in love with Classical Chinese, which he subsequently began to tutor. From September 2014 to January 2015 he took a Mandarin course at Tsinghua University in Beijing, during which he also spent a lot of time reading about current China affairs on the Internet, where he one day stumbled upon Outlier Linguistics and asked us about an internship.”

We’re glad to have Nils on board!

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