RISE Impressions

We had a great time at the RISE Conference in Hong Kong!

RISE is a conference allowing startups to showcase their products and ideas (see our previous blog post), by bringing together entrepreneurs, business experts, investors, and journalists.

As Westerners running a startup related to Chinese and coming from Taiwan, we raised quite a lot of eyebrows. Most of the people we talked to were impressed by what we’re doing and wanted to know more about our project. We got tons of interesting business leads for the future. It was also good to meet our friends from Taiwan Startup Stadium and the FbStart community, many thanks to you guys!

Some insights that we gained at RISE are (a) yes, the e-market and internet business is growing quickly, especially in Asia, with lots of potential for startups like us, and (b) yes, Outlier is quite special among startups, because we provide content and enable customers to actually gain new knowledge. We’re not just about connecting people on a niche platform. We’re all about scientific research. And we want to make this research accessible to everyone by creating game-changing, easy-to-use products. So we hope you’re as excited about it as we are.

We’re really hoping to come back to Hong Kong next year, after our Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters officially launches.

Here are some pics to give you an impression of the RISE conference and Hong Kong:



There were over 5000 people attending RISE


Ash at RISE

We talked to a lot of people that were interested in Outlier


Street View

Hong Kong impression #1: Gloucester Rd near the HK Convention Center, where RISE took place


At night

Hong Kong impression #2: a Junk at night with Hong Kong Island in the background

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