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As we mentioned previously, Ash gave a presentation at ICLP last week (the above image is one of the slides). What we didn’t mention is that he was also offered the opportunity to teach a course there this fall on how to learn Chinese characters, provided enough students (10) signed up. We were recently notified that 13 students have signed up and the course begins tomorrow!

The International Chinese Language Program (ICLP [國際華語研習所]) is one of the most prestigious Chinese language programs in the world. To quote Dr. Cornelius Kubler, “this program, located on the campus of National Taiwan University, has over the last four decades trained many of the current US academic and professional leaders dealing with China.1

We are honored to receive this opportunity and look forward to working with our 13 students over the next few months!

1. Kubler, Cornelius. “Learning Chinese in China: Programs for Developing Superior- to Distinguished-level Chinese Language Proficiency in China and Taiwan.” In Developing Professional-Level Language Proficiency, 106. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004.

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